Preview: M. Sahota – Do You Want to Be a Better Teacher?

By M. Sahota

Date: Day 2, May 23, 10:00AM

Do you want to be a better teacher? I’m assuming most teachers would answer “yes!” to this question, and probably that’s why you’re attending TOSCON15 this weekend. Going to conferences is a great way to develop as a teacher, but I am convinced the best way to becoming a better teacher is through reflective practice. Personally, I feel I have developed tremendously since I first came across reflective practice back in 2008.

Maybe some of you may have heard of reflective practice but are unsure of how to exactly go about it. In my presentation on Saturday I will talk about what reflective practice is, how it can benefit you, and various ways that you can engage in reflective practice, both individually and with other teachers.

My ultimate goal is to start regular reflective practice meetings in Toronto. On Saturday, attendees will be able to sample a small taste of what these meetings could be like. I’ve already sparked some interest in reflective practice meetings with a few of my new colleagues, and I hope attendees at TOSCON15 will catch the reflective bug as well.

If reflecting on your teaching sounds like something that you would be interested in then please come join me on May 23rd at 10:00am. I am excited to share my experiences with reflective practice and talk about how we can develop as teachers together.

See you on Saturday!

View the program here. View M. Sahota’s session slides here.


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